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Kendrick Perkins: “LeBron James Is Not Human. He Can Keep Up This Level Of Play For The Next 5 Years."

(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

It seems like we've seen this movie before. The media, colleagues, and rivals start counting out LeBron James and he somehow defies nature and father time to prove everybody wrong.

Now that the NBA season is on pause while sanitary authorities try to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, people are starting to pick on LeBron again, claiming his window of opportunity to win a title is closing as the days goes by because of his age.

For instance, Rachel Nichols of ESPN's The Jump tweeted a teaser from her show where they were going to discuss several LeBron-related topics. How's LeBron going to look playing at 36-years old next season? Is this his final chance to play at the highest level before the inevitable decline?

Thus, Kendrick Perkins, a fierce advocate of the King's talents, went on to defend his friend and ex-teammate, claiming he could play as well as this until he's 40 years old.

"LeBron James is not HUMAN. He can keep up this level of play for the next 5 years!!!" Perkins tweeted as a reply to Nichol's tweet.

Truth to be told, if someone can stay productive at 40 years old, that's LeBron James, who doesn't look like a 35-year-old athlete whatsoever. He takes care of his physical and mental health, the drive and motivation seem to be there, and he reportedly wants to play until his older son Bronny makes it to the league.

James has proved over and over throughout his career that he has a bit of an 'endless prime', if you may. Hell, he's averaging a league-high 10.6 assists per game on his 17th season, the first time he's formally playing as a point guard.

Also, LeBron is as durable as they come, so if Vince Carter is still hooping at 43, what makes you think that one of the greatest three players in the history of the game won't be able to play at a high level until his 40?