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Kendrick Perkins Looked Like A Fool After Prematurely Celebrating Being Signed By The Cavs

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jason Miller/Getty Images

I bet Kendrick Perkins is feeling a little embarassed today after the Cleveland Cavaliers most recent move.

The 6'10 center, who played for the Cavs in 2015, recently posted on Instagram he'd be returning to Cleveland's roster after the bevy of moves the Cavs made at the deadline, leaving two roster spots open that needed to be filled.

Perkins had been playing for the Cavaliers' G-League affiliate, the Canton Charge, in hopes of returning to the team later on this season to provide the squad with a veteran presence in the locker room. Only a few minutes later however, Perkins had removed the Instagram post, indicating the signing may not have been made official as of yet. The Cavs only had two weeks after that insane trade deadline to fill at least one of the two roster spots, per league rules, so Kendrick was considered to be the leading candidate heading into February 21st due to the deleted Instagram post, as well as his prior role with the team. Well, all that went out the window yesterday when the Cavs decided to give Perkins' G-League teammate, Marcus Thornton, a 10-day contract.

According to reports, a Perkins return was 99.9% done before the Cavs seemingly changed their minds.

Oh well Kendrick, better luck next year.