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Kendrick Perkins: "My Separator From LeBron And Everybody Else Is Pressure. GOAT Expectations From Day 1 At 18 Years Old, Carry The City From Day, Comparisons To Legends From Day 1. All Expectations Exceeded!"

Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

Kendrick Perkins is one of the biggest LeBron James' fans and he doesn't even try to hide it. The former NBA player-turned-analyst has been famous for saying the hottest takes you can think of and he takes pride in it. When it comes to LeBron, things go crazier and Perkins makes the craziest statements about other players only to support the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Not so long ago, he dared to say Michael Jordan wasn't competing for an NBA title at the age of 35 while LeBron James was on his way to win his fourth ring. That's only one of those crazy takes he makes every once in a while. More recently, when discussing LeBron and his chances to become the GOAT if he wins the title this year, Perkins reminded everybody that LeBron had high expectations around him since he was a teenager.

He claimed LeBron had the biggest pressure on his shoulders since he was only 16, unlike other players in the history of the league. Perk then doubled down on his comments on Twitter, stating his separator for LeBron and the rest of the players is that he carried his team, his city since he was 18 and he succeeded at it.

"My separator from Bron and everybody else is PRESSURE. Goat expectations from day 1 at 18 years old, carry the city from day, comparisons to legends from day 1. All expectations EXCEEDED!"

Well, that is not the case since we all know LeBron left the Cavaliers due to their inability to put together a competitive team and Bron took his talents to Miami, where he teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. A lot of people see that as a weak move by James; he took the easy path and won two rings in South Beach. He did the same during his second stint in Cleveland and fans will never see that as an argument to surpass Michael Jordan as the GOAT.

Yes, LeBron carried big expectations since he was very young and even though he's done terrific things in his career, it's still not good to call him the greatest to ever do it. That title still belongs to His Airness.