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Kendrick Perkins On Chris Paul: "Chris Paul Went Into Dallas And Outplayed Luka And Showed Him How To Not Only Put Up Big Numbers, But How To Translate That Into Wins."

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via Alex Goodlett

via Alex Goodlett

Chris Paul was one of the greatest point guards of his generation. He has been part of many notable playoff teams of years past, and he has often been the leader of those teams. Chris Paul is a generational point guard who was an All-Star last season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Phoenix Suns have elected to trade for Paul in order to help Devin Booker compete and that has yielded great rewards: the Suns are currently 6th in the Western Conference after their recent win against the Dallas Mavericks.

Kendrick Perkins recently came out and praised for his performance in Dallas. He also mentioned that Paul outplayed Luka Doncic in their matchup:

Kendrick Perkins' statement has truth to it. Luka Doncic is clearly a superstar in the making: we all see the dazzling stats, the game-winners, and the elite playmaking. What the Mavericks need this year is to win basketball games, but they haven't done so. In contrast, Chris Paul's pedigree in winning is evident throughout his career. The Oklahoma City Thunder from the 2019-20 season weren't expected to make the playoffs, let alone take the Houston Rockets to 7 games. The Phoenix Suns are currently 10-8 and in the 6th seed in the Western Conference. Hopefully, Luka Doncic develops the same type of ability to win in the near future.

It is key to remember that Luka Doncic is still a young player, despite his superstar numbers. His time to win will come. But for a veteran like Chris Paul, winning is everything, and he showed it by his heroics against the Dallas Mavericks. Simply put, Chris Paul is a competitor who can bring his teams to wins.