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Kendrick Perkins On Karl-Anthony Towns: "He Hasn't Won A Game Since November And On Top Of That, Have You Looked At KAT's Defensive Rating? He's Horrible, He's Not Guarding The Paint, He's Not Blocking Shots.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins has sent a clear message to Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves fans following the 4-team trade that took place last night. KAT was always seen as a player with no help, regardless of the players the franchise brings to serve as his wingman.

Following the mentioned 4-team deal and the center's reaction, people have started wondering if he’s looking for a trade. Earlier this season, there were rumors that the Dominican big man wasn’t happy with the T-Wolves after a losing streak.

Now that his best friend on the team, Robert Covington, was shipped to the Houston Rockets, KAT might be hinting that he wants a move away from Target Center.

Former NBA player-turned-analyst Kendrick Perkins has shared his take on this situation, claiming that Towns only cares about his offensive numbers and nothing else. On Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s The Jump, Perkins had some strong words towards KAT and his current moment.

"He hasn't won a game since November and on top of that, have you looked at KAT's defensive rating? He's horrible, he's not guarding the paint, he's not blocking shots. All he cares about is getting his 25 and 13. Those fools gold numbers,” Perkins said when asked if Towns was going to ask for a trade.

He then went on to describe Town’s inability to make his team successful, even though he shared touched with a big players and made the team move them.

It looks like his relationship with the T-Wolves is deteriorating every day and if something doesn't change, they will have to trade KAT eventually. Fortunately, there are teams with a big interest in his services and Minnesota could get the advantage of that situation.