Kendrick Perkins On LeBron James After Big Night vs. OKC Thunder: 'Sitting At A Dinner Table By Himself'

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins has made the case for LeBron James once again after the Los Angeles Lakers superstar had a magical game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday night. James needed OT to get past the Thunder, recording a triple-double in the process.

He didn't have Anthony Davis by his side but that wasn't a problem for LeBron, who dropped 28 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists in the Lakers 119-112 win over the young team. The Lakers now rank 2nd in the Western Conference and LeBron remains as the best player of all time, at least that's what Perkins believes.

After all the comments about Michael Jordan and Tom Brady and their statuses as GOAT, Perk made the case for King James, explaining he's sitting at a table alone.

"I mean damn...28-14-12 tonight with a Solid W without his partner in crime!!!" Perkins tweeted.

Furthermore, he praised the Lakers and the level they're showing right now. Playing without Anthony Davis, they still got the job done and led by LeBron, beat a team that has won more game than expected this campaign.

"The Lakers have the BEST team in the league and it ain’t even close. When you have a veteran like Wes Matthews who have been getting DNPs and come in off the bench tonight and produce on both ends of the floor shows us all how deep this Lakers team really is!!! Carry on..."

As stated before, this comment arrived after NFL and NBA fans started putting Jordan and Brady at the same table following the latter's win in Super Bowl LV, but Perkins wasn't having any of that. He made it clear that LeBron deserves his own table for all the things he's done in the league and the ones he will do in the future.

James is still chasing that GOAT status, that "ghost" in Chicago and he has a big chance to get closer to Jordan this season if he wins the championship with the Lakers. Seeing how well they're playing right now, that's a very likely possibility for the purple and gold.