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Kendrick Perkins On The Lakers Players: "The Others Aren't As Good As LeBron James And Anthony Davis"

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Los Angeles Lakers are in serious trouble right now. They went from being the best team in the Western Conference to falling to the play-in tournament and their chances don't look exactly good.

Without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the team just can't seem to find any kind of offensive rhythm, and even though their defense has been good, someone needs to step up.

That's Kendrick Perkins' biggest concern regarding this team, as he just doesn't think that any other team can live up to the standards:

“One, the obvious, the importance of Anthony Davis and LeBron James. But two, the others are not that good," Perkins said on The Jump.

Perkins went on to call out Andre Drummond for his erratic play since joining the purple and gold, claiming that he's yet to live up to the expectations as a dominant rebounder and shot-blocker:

“I know that this team was built around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But Andre Drummond went on a worldwide tour once he got bought out. Went visiting and taking phone calls and doing all of that. And I expected more out of him. I’m expecting more out of him and he’s not lived up to it. I’m expecting to see Andre Drummond to go out there and be that guy, to go out there and get you 15 and 15 a night along with 3 blocks and he’s not doing it," the big man added.

Kyle Kuzma wasn't safe from Perkins' criticism, stating that he's failed to prove his worth now that the two top-guns are out and that the rest of the team has lacked a competitive mentality as well:

“I would expect Kyle Kuzma this is your opportunity to elevate your game right now and show the world that ‘Hey, I am a guy that you could mention when you start mentioning these young guys around the league without LeBron James being there so. When I look at the Laker roster, I’m looking at Markieff Morris and I’m looking at Caldwell-Pope. And I’m looking at these guys and I’m like, I understand that y’all don’t have y’all top dogs but you at least got to show some type of fight. You at least got to show something that you belong," Perk concluded.

The Lakers have enough depth and talent to make a deep playoff push and go back to the NBA Finals but they need to turn things around right now and more importantly, get healthy.