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Kendrick Perkins On The New-Look Nets: "Kyrie Better Hurry Up Back Before Nash Make Him A 6th Man."

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are obviously going to be pretty hard for any team to stop offensively.

Tonight, Harden's debut with the club, was just another example of how dominant this club can be when they're at maximum strength.

After the game, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins responded, warning Kyrie that he better hurry back from his personal business if he doesn't want to be relegated to the bench.

“Harden and KD look damn good…Kyrie better hurry up back before Nash make him a 6th man. Real Talk!!! Carry on,” Perkins tweeted.

Even amid Harden's debut, Irving has remained completely checked out from the Nets. After the D.C. riots, he went AWOL on the club with no real explanation why.

Days later, and multiple games passed, and there are still more questions than answers in regards to Irving's whereabouts, what he might be up to, and when we can expect him back to the court.

In the meantime, Durant and Harden will continue to carry the Nets in the East -- no matter what happens with their star teammate. It will be an interesting thing to behold.