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Kendrick Perkins Praises Chicago Bulls: "This Young Chicago Bulls Team Is Fun To Watch... They Play Agenda Free Basketball."

via AP

via AP

If you told Chicago Bulls fans last year that Chicago basketball would be fun to watch in 2021, they would probably laugh at you. Last year, due to some horrible coaching by former head coach Jim Boylen, the Chicago Bulls were a horrible team, and it looked like the players weren't having fun. Zach LaVine was transcendent, but the roster as a whole regressed.

This year though, things are different with Billy Donovan as a head coach. Lauri Markkanen has looked promising in the games that he has played, and Donovan will hope to get the most out of the Finnish big man. Zach LaVine is still himself and looks like he could become a superstar. Kendrick Perkins commented on the Bulls' promising start: they recently beat the Portland Trail Blazers, who are a solid playoffs team in the West.

Last year, Billy Donovan took the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs, despite that team not being projected to make it at all. Donovan got the most out of Chris Paul, giving him an All-Star appearance since his Clippers days. Billy Donovan is a solid coach who can make teams play basketball the right way; though his success remains to be seen in the playoffs.

With a new coach, Bulls basketball is finally exciting. Donovan is a solid coach to get you to the playoffs, and as a whole, the roster just seems less disjointed. Hopefully, for Chicago Bulls fans, this upwards trend continues, and they will finally watch their team compete in the postseason.