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Kendrick Perkins Quickly Changes His Mind On Russell Westbrook After He Said The Lakers Should Trade Him

Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are barely managing to stay above .500 in the 2021-22 NBA season. After a bumpy start to the season, things are slowly improving for the team. They are currently on a three-game winning streak and will hope to further improve their record as we reach the All-Star weekend break.

The primary credit for the team's change in form goes to LeBron James and Malik Monk. The two players have been in sensational form and have been carrying the team on their backs. But apart from that, it seems like Russell Westbrook is finally starting to find his groove this season.

Through most games this season, turnovers have been a glaring issue for the former MVP. Moreover, he finished the last game with 0 turnovers, which by the way is a first for Russ in five years. This has led Lakers fans to see a slim light of hope to still contend for the 2022 NBA Championship.

Additionally, NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins has also joined the fans to praise Westbrook for his recent form. It is quite surprising since a few weeks ago Perkins said that the Lakers should trade Westbrook. Now, he believes that Brodie is going to be the solution for the Lakers as the season progresses.

"He is gonna be the solution... Russell Westbrook is who he is. There's no in-between with him, it's almost like a batter coming up to bat. Russell Westbrook is either gonna hit a home run or he's gonna strike out, there's no getting to first base, second base, or third base and that's ok. That's who he is, he's gonna swing for the fences... At the end of the day, I know Russell Westbrook has got a lot of criticism and rightfully so. Russell Westbrook had to agree to this trade, he knew going to team up with Anthony Davis and LeBron James that there was going to be a lot of pressure. He knew it was going to be a championship or bust. He knew he had to critique his game."

As Perkins explained, Brodie's game is a bit different. He has played with a lot of aggression, which sometimes works in his favor and sometimes against him.

All things considered, if the Lakers are aspiring to win another championship, they need Russ to be at his best. So far this season, he has been quite inconsistent. Hopefully, he can fix this flaw and aid the Lakers to fulfill their quest for an NBA Championship.