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Kendrick Perkins Responds To Draymond Green Only Averaging 4 Points Per Game This Season: "For Those That Don’t Understand Why Numbers Do Lie At Times..."

(via Sportscasting)

(via Sportscasting)

Draymond Green isn't a guy that will put up monster numbers. Counting all eight seasons so far, the most points he ever averaged was 14 back in 2016. He hasn't cracked 11 since.

Still, the dude is probably the second most important player on the team, despite his seeming empty stat sheet. How is that possible?

On Twitter, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins explained that the impact a player like Green has on his team is more than just something tangible.

"For those that don’t understand why numbers do lie at times, heart and soul! Just saying tho..."

Draymond is a leader tone-setter for the Warriors. He brings out the best in his teammates by ramping up the intensity, being selfless on the basketball court, and holding them accountable in times of struggle.

That sort of thing isn't exactly shown on paper, which is why Green is so revered by the Warriors and the media without being all that great at putting up numbers.

Still, the Warriors could use a little more. With Klay out until next season and the Dubs off to a sluggish start, it will be up to Dray to set his team straight. We'll see soon enough if it will reap the desired results.