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Kendrick Perkins Reveals His Top 5 Players Under 25: Luka Doncic And Ja Morant Are The Best

Kendrick Perkins Reveals His Top 5 Players Under 25: Luka Doncic And Ja Morant Are The Best

Many of the NBA's top stars are already nearing the end of their prime. Guys like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and even LeBron James will start to slow down in the next couple of years.

Fortunately, the league is in good hands with the next generation of stars in line to take over. With so much young talent in the league, it can be hard to decide which are cut above the rest. But on 'NBA Today' on Friday, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins gave it his best shot with his list of the top 5 players under 25.

"Coming in at number five, I'm going with Anthony Edwards. When we talk about one of the most electrifying players in the game today, that is him. When we talk about a guy who gets to the rim and finishes around the basket with the best of them, that is him. The one thing that I want him to do is to be more efficient. Going to number four, Jayson Tatum. 6'10", one of the best scorers in the game today. There is nothing on the offensive end that he can't do. And guess what? Now his rebounding has picked up."

"At number three, I'm going with ice cold Trae. This is a young man who led the NBA in points and assists. One of the most disrespected young stars in the game today. At number two, of course, I'm going to the dark side. My god, Ja Morant. A combination of Russell Westbrook with his athleticism. Passing ability like Rajon Rondo with a craftiness like Kyrie Irving. He has the potential to be the face of the league. But guess what? Somebody trumps him: Luka Doncic team wack body. He's not cut up, he's not chiseled, but he can't be guarded. I call him a baby LeBron minus the athleticism."

When it comes to young standouts, nobody can surpass Luka Doncic. What he's done in just a few short years in the league is almost unprecedented and his run to the West Finals this year proved that he can step up when it matters most.

After that, everything is debatable. Ja Morant, Jayson Tatum, Anthony Edwards, and Trae Young are all pretty solid picks for the top 5. But what do you think? Did Perkins miss any players, or is his list mostly agreeable?