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Kendrick Perkins Reveals Why Kyrie Irving Was Jealous Of LeBron James: "LeBron Would Have His Own Fitness/Medical Guy Come In The Locker Room, And Kyrie Wasn't Really Feeling It. So All Of A Sudden You Would See Kyrie Come In With His Own Medical And Stre

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kyrie Irving's tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers ended in a tumultuous way, with the player asking for a trade due to some inconveniences with LeBron James, who was the biggest star of the team at the time. Kyrie was expected to take LeBron's spot when the King first left the Cavaliers, but when he was ready to make the leap, LeBron returned to Cleveland to win a championship with the team.

Irving is a famous name around the league right now thanks to his recent antics and the player doesn't seem to have a problem with that. After LeBron revealed that he was hurt by Kyrie's comments saying that Kevin Durant is the only player that he can look at and say he trusts them to take the last shot of a game, everybody has brought up the old 'feud' between Irving and James.

Kendrick Perkins, a player that played with both stars when they were with the Cavs, recently revealed how things started to go wrong between James and Irving and how Kyrie was seemingly 'jealous' of his teammate (2:24 mark).

“Kyrie didn’t really like the little brother thing. Little brothers grow up to be big brothers too. LeBron was doing what you’re supposed to do for someone who hasn’t seen the mountaintop yet but has the ability to be a mountaintop player on his own team. He was just showing him the way. Trying to give him answers to the test," Perkins said on The Ringer NBA Show.

“But Kyrie didn’t love the fact that he was the younger brother in that scenario. It was cool for a minute, and then he didn’t want it anymore.”

After LeBron returned to the Cavaliers, and even after winning a championship with the team, with Kyrie draining the dagger to win the 2016 NBA Finals, the point guard requested a trade and joined the Boston Celtics. After two seasons there, full of controversies, Kyrie landed in Brooklyn, where he's ready to team up with Kevin Durant and take their team to the promised land.

LeBron James explained he wanted only the best for Kyrie while they were together (and even after), but things didn't go as planned for the King.