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Kendrick Perkins Says Julius Randle Is An All-Star: "Thibs Done Turned Randle Into An All-Star."



Julius Randle is one of the biggest reasons that the New York Knicks have been competitive this year. Julius Randle has turned himself into a bonafide point forward, and his numbers speak for themselves. In one season, Randle has turned himself from a player who focused solely on scoring inside, to a multifaceted shot creator and passing big man. Randle is putting up an All-Star caliber season for the New York Knicks.

One of the people who has noticed Julius Randle's development is basketball analyst and former player Kendrick Perkins. He claimed that Randle was an All-Star, while also giving Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau some credit for Randle's development.

Randle's improved passing has been one of the biggest stories this season: it seems that giving him the keys to the offense worked out in Thibodeau's favor. Sometimes players can improve simply by having their strengths put to use. Tom Thibodeau is getting the best out of Randle. Randle has a green light to score, and that in turn, allows him to leverage his scoring to set up shooters on the perimeter. With a solid recent win against the Golden State Warriors, Randle will hope to build on his elite offensive season.

Julius Randle absolutely deserves to be an All-Star if the New York Knicks are a playoff seed by the time voting comes around. Randle is an elite player who has a chance to give the Knicks their first taste at competitive basketball since the days of Carmelo Anthony. Julius Randle making the All-Star game would be a great development for this New York Knicks season.