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Kendrick Perkins Says Kawhi Leonard Will Not Return This Postseason: "I Don't Think He Comes Back."

Kendrick Perkins Says Kawhi Leonard Will Not Return This Postseason- "I Don't Think He Comes Back."

When fully healthy, the Los Angeles Clippers may be the team remaining in these playoffs. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, even despite their flaws, have proven themselves worthy over these past few weeks, and are the closest they've ever come to bring the Clippers a title.

Unfortunately, Kawhi's right knee got injured in the series against Utah, leaving the Clippers without their best player.

While optimism remains he will be back sometime in the near future, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins believes he will not play again in these playoffs.

"I don't think he comes back. Anything dealing with the knee and a strained ACL is just something you can't play with. If I'm Kawhi, I'm going to sit out because coming back you're not gonna be at full strength anyway and you have a chance at possibly hurting yourself even more."

Players (understandably) exercise extra caution when dealing with knee injuries. Even for something like a sprain, rushing back on the court could lead to bigger issues.

For Kawhi in particular, who has always been extra cautious when it comes to his health, it's no surprise that he is taking this approach to the situation.

Going forward, the Clippers are going to have to figure out a way to win without him, or they could find themselves going home very soon.

Paul George and the crew proved they can win without the 2x MVP. ut can they do it again?