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Kendrick Perkins Says Kevin Durant Is 'The Greatest Scorer In NBA History' After Beefing On Social Media

(via Nets Daily)

(via Nets Daily)

The relationship between Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins is anything but good at this moment, but that hasn't prevented the former big man to praise KD every time he's had the chance. These men engaged in a very heated exchange recently, with KD calling Perkins a 'sell out' and Perkins recalling all the things he lived with Durant while they were teammates in Oklahoma City.

When Perkins called out Kyrie Irving for 'being a distraction' from racial issues, KD defended his current teammate and attacked Perkins with comments that visibly hurt the 2008 NBA champion.

Despite those bad comments, Perkins has maintained respect for KD and he hasn't stopped praising him. Recently, he was asked to pick between the Brooklyn Nets star and Los Angeles Clippers' Kawhi Leonard. Perkins selected Durant and furthered calling KD the 'greatest scorer in NBA history.'

This relationship has changed a lot over the past few years. They were great teammates in Oklahoma City but things changed after they parted ways. Perkins was very critical of KD joining the Warriors in 2016 and of course, nothing was the same after that.

In recent times, they started beefing and Kyrie Irving's comments took the situation to the next level.

Still, Perkins believes Durant is the greatest scorer in NBA history, even surpassing great players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady among others. All this feud hasn't changed Perkins' mind, who still sees Durant as one of the greatest players ever regardless of their bittersweet relationship.