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Kendrick Perkins Says Kyrie Irving Is The Most Skilled Player In The NBA

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards in the NBA. He can do everything expected of a modern point guard, but there is one thing that makes him stand out from the rest of his peers: his natural talent for handling the ball, and also his ability to pull off crazy moves that no-one thought possible. Kyrie Irving is one of the best people who can think on the fly in the NBA and come up with something in the spur of the moment to dust a defender. Needless to say, he is extremely skilled.

Kendrick Perkins has recently given his opinion on who the most "skilled" player in the NBA is, stating that it was Kyrie Irving. Perkins responded to a general tweet by Hoop Central posing that question to the public.

When you watch Kyrie Irving play, it's as if he has his defenders on a yo-yo. He may not be the best player in the world, but his every move is calculated, and he has every trick in his bag. It is reasonable to think that Kyrie Irving is the most skilled person in the NBA: no-one can quite do what he does. Other point guards have good handles, like Stephen Curry. But none can dazzle with their dribbling tricks quite like Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving is one of the best players in the game, and evidently, people believe that he is the most skilled. Hopefully, we get to see Kyrie Irving drop defenders with his ball-handling for years to come.