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Kendrick Perkins Says LeBron Should Have About 8 MVPs In His Career: "He Got Robbed Because He Was In The Weak Eastern Conference."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Kendrick Perkins never misses an opportunity to praise LeBron James and make the case for him as the GOAT or the MVP. KP is always trying to prove a point when it comes to LeBron and he recently claimed the King should have 8 MVP awards in his career.

On ESPN's 'Get Up,' KP stated that if it wasn't because LeBron was in the 'weak Eastern Conference', he would be an eight-time MVP award winner.

“He got robbed because he was in the weak eastern conference," Perks said. "Every time LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers, they went straight to the lottery so with that being said, LeBron changes the franchise, so he should have about eight. He got robbed about three or four times. (...) My opinion is, the MVP is: take that person out of that team and where would that team be. If I take Giannis out of the Bucks, the Bucks are still in the playoffs hunt. If I take LeBron out of the Lakers, I don't know where the Lakers would be."

It's pretty bold to say the Lakers would be out of the playoffs picture without Bron, especially knowing they have a great player in Anthony Davis. Sure, AD was never able to transcend with the New Orleans Pelicans but he's stepped up his game this season, despite being the second star in the team behind LeBron.

Bron's impact is undeniable but the Lakers assembled the best team for him and AD to reach the Finals this season.

If we talk about Giannis and LeBron, they play the same role on their teams and if they were taken out, both teams would still be in the playoff picture.