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Kendrick Perkins Says Nets Should Use Kyrie Irving In Sixth Man Type Of Role

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

The Brooklyn Nets made a lot of noise this season when they traded for former MVP James Harden.

Adding the superstar shooting guard alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant might be the greatest combination of offensive talent in league history.

Still, it will be a challenge for the team and coaching staff to figure out how to utilize all three together. Lucky for them, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins has some advice.

As he pointed out on ESPN's First Take, the Nets might be better off using Irving in a "Sixth Man" type of role.

"It's gonna be on Steve Nash and how he stagger their minutes and what type of position he's gonna put these guys in. If I'm the coach, I'm using Steve Nash as a Sixth Man type of player. And that doesn't mean not starting him and bringing him off the bench, but I would sub him out early in the first quarter and I would bring him back to start the second and give the ball to him and let him rock out."

Having three superstars puts the Nets in a greater position than most. But figuring out how to use them in a way that works is certainly a lot harder than it sounds.

Having Kyrie kind of control the second unit does make a lot of sense, and we'll see if Nash agrees. At the very least, it will require sacrifice from all three players.