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Kendrick Perkins Says Rajon Rondo Is The Most Underrated Point Guard Of All-Time

via Gary Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports

via Gary Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports

Rajon Rondo is clearly a future Hall of Famer. Rondo was one of the best playmakers of his era and led the league in assists multiple times during his career. Rondo is one of the best facilitators to ever play the game, and his skills were crucial for the two championship teams that he was a part of.

Despite Rajon Rondo's abilities, many fans don't really include Rajon Rondo in discussions when talking about great point guards. A point guard needs to create opportunities for his teammates and be able to make the right plays in the clutch. Rajon Rondo does all of that. When looking at his abilities alongside some of his accolades, it is clear that Rajon Rondo is underappreciated. While obviously, he isn't the same Rondo that he was in his prime, he is still a very capable player. Recently, Kendrick Perkins has called Rondo the most underrated point guard of all time.

The Los Angeles Clippers traded for Rajon Rondo in the hopes that he would elevate them to the status of a true championship team. Kendrick Perkins is right in saying that Rondo elevates elite teams. Rajon Rondo himself has previously stated that he prides himself on making the game easier for Hall of Famers. A player that can be the difference between a good team and a contender is clearly valuable, and Rajon Rondo is a player who fits that profile. Simply put, Rajon Rondo is a player that directly helps a team win.