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Kendrick Perkins Says Russell Westbrook Must 'Stand Up' To LeBron James: "You Have To Be Like Rajon Rondo Is To LeBron James And Say, 'Move Out The Way, I Got It."

If LeBron James Decides To Gives Up On Russell Westbrook, The Lakers Could Trade For John Wall

The fit was a serious topic coming into the 2021-22 season after the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook through a blockbuster five-team trade. Of course, LeBron James is not a traditional point guard, but more often than not, he runs the offense.

Undoubtedly, Westbrook has not had the ball in his hands as much as he'd like because LeBron controls traffic most times. In the game against the Sacramento Kings at Staples Center, the offense flowed through LeBron, and head coach Frank Vogel confirmed that they let LBJ run it for most of the game.

While LeBron is an elite overall player, sometimes things do not get going for him, and this is where NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins has demanded that Russ stands up to LeBron.

Speaking on NBA Today with Malika Andrews and Richard Jefferson before tip-off at Golden 1 Center, Perkins commended Russ for his improvement in the last five games but stated that he needs to take charge (3:30)

"You gotta be able to stand up to him and say 'move out the way.'"

"You have to be like a Rajon Rondo is to LeBron James when he's on the floor. Rondo don't have a problem with telling Bron run, move out the way I gat it at any particular time."

Although the Lakers are starting to find a rhythm, many believe there is still so much more the team can do. Anthony Davis has claimed that the team can go on a 10 or 12-game run if they develop the right mentality. Looking at the caliber of talent on the roster, that is possible.

Right now, the attack on Russ has dropped significantly, as he is playing better as a Laker. That is typical of Westbrook, as he gets better deep into the season.

As things stand, he will have to deliver more of those incredible performances as LeBron will be unavailable due to covid-19. Mr. Triple-double is averaging 20.7 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 8.6 assists while shooting 44.5% from the field.