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Kendrick Perkins Says Steph Curry Is Not The Leader Of The Warriors: "Draymond Green Is Their Leader. He’s The One That’s Doing All The Talking."

(via The Mercury News)

(via The Mercury News)

When it comes to the Golden State Warriors, they go as far as Steph Curry takes them. Aas the team's best player, and culture setter, his importance to the franchise can not be understated.

But does it make him their leader?

While most are inclined to say that Curry is the one who leads Dub Nation, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins made the controversial case for the opposite in a recent episode of First Take:

“Steph is not their (Golden State’s) leader,” said Perkins. “Draymond Green is their leader. He’s the one that’s doing all the talking. He’s the vocal guy. He’s the one that we hear all the time. Although Steph is the culture, he’s the franchise. But he’s not the leader. It’s a difference.”

Draymond Green has always been the most outspoken member of the team, and it's him who really sets the tone for the club and rallies the troops. According to Perkins, it's Draymond who is the real "leader" of the team, not Curry.

Considering both Dray and Steph have spent their entire careers with the Warriors, and neither of them won a Chip without the other, it's hard to say for sure how right or wrong Perkins is.

But without Steph, it's easy to say that all of those Warriors Championships would have been impossible. Can the same be said about Green?

Last season, amid a slew of injuries, the Dubs weren't able to play up to Championship form. But with a healthy (mostly) team and a re-tooled roster, the hope is they can resurface and return to their title-contending ways.