Kendrick Perkins Says That The Los Angeles Lakers Should Target Andre Drummond

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(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost 4 out of 5 games since Anthony Davis' injury. Anthony Davis was an integral part of the big man rotation, and the Los Angeles Lakers are in need of a solid big man to soak up some minutes at the center position. They need a solid athletic big man, who can finish strong at the rim, while also protecting the paint on defense.

Kendrick Perkins believes that the Los Angeles Lakers should acquire Andre Drummond. Andre Drummond would fit what the Los Angeles Lakers need out of a big man and would fill in nicely for Anthony Davis.

Andre Drummond could benefit from LeBron James playmaking, and he could get easy shots at the rim simply by cutting towards the basket. On defense, Andre Drummond would potentially block shots and protect the paint. When Anthony Davis comes back, the two could form a formidable defensive duo against any big man in the league. The Los Angeles Lakers have Dennis Schroder and Anthony Davis sidelined at the moment, so they need some immediate help. If Andre Drummond gets bought out, then he could easily make his way to the Lakers.

Andre Drummond is a former All-Star and the best rebounder in the league. He would provide a great addition to a contending roster, and give the Los Angeles Lakers another All-Star caliber talent. Andre Drummond could be useful in the immediate future and in the playoffs, and if the opportunity rises, then the Lakers should try and sign him.