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Kendrick Perkins Says That The Phoenix Suns Are Title Contenders

via Sporting News

via Sporting News

The Phoenix Suns have been one of the pleasant surprises of the NBA season, going from a fringe playoffs contender to being the second seed in the entire Western Conference. The addition of Chris Paul has certainly helped the Phoenix Suns start competing at a higher level, and there's no doubt that they are one of the best teams in the league.

While everyone can admit that the Phoenix Suns have been good this season, there aren't that many people who think that they have a true shot at the title. Kendrick Perkins is one of the people going against popular opinion, as he has recently said that the Suns are definitely a title contender.

The Phoenix Suns have two All-Stars this season. They are a well-balanced team that plays two-way basketball. Devin Booker being the primary scorer means that you always have a chance come clutch time, and Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the league. They have a lot going for them, and them getting a top seed is a sign of what's to come. It remains to be seen whether their performance can translate over to the playoffs, but they should certainly be considered a title contender right now.

The Phoenix Suns look like they will end their playoff drought this season, and have the potential to go far in the playoffs. Hopefully, they continue on the right track and keep getting solid team wins such as their recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers.