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Kendrick Perkins Says The Clippers Must Sign Rajon Rondo: “The Clippers Do Not Have A Leader."

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Following a disappointing loss against the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the playoffs, the Los Angeles Clippers have some questions to answer during the offseason. The team already fired Doc Rivers as their head coach and signed Tyronn Lue as the new one, but that's not everything for them. The Clips need to make some changes on the roster if they want to make that final step and reach the Conference Finals and more next season.

During the bubble, they seemed to lack the voice of a leader. Someone who steps up and says the right things to encourage their teammates and make them play as good as they can. That's something they missed during the postseason, but it looks like Kendrick Perkins has the solution to that. The former NBA player-turned-analyst has dropped an idea to the Clippers to go look a man that can be the leader their need on and off the court.

During a recent appearance on ESPN's 'The Jump,' Perkins said he didn't consider Kawhi Leonard a leader, therefore the Clippers have to look for that leader elsewhere. Well, he mentioned the name of one of his former teammates, who just won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“They don’t have a leader!” Perkins started.

“The Clippers do not have a leader. Kawhi Leonard is not the guy that speaks out vocally and talks about. He just goes out there and performs and does his job. And if I’m the Clippers, I would really really consider trying to get at Rajon Rondo. They do need a leader, they need a voice in that locker room that’s going to hold guys accountable.

“It’s only so much you could do as a coaching staff and as a head coach. You need a guy that’s gonna say the right things in the locker room and that’s gonna lose themselves in the team, and lead by example and preach the gospel day in and day out, and make sure guys don’t have a hidden agenda. Right now Clippers do not have a leader and that is part of their problem.”

Rondo would actually solve two problems for them. They need a point guard and a leader and Rondo may well be the answer to those problems. The veteran player just finished a season where he showed the world he can still be valuable in a championship team and a good challenge for him now would the Clippers. They could take advantage of his experience and pedigree on their way to the Finals.

Rondo knows what it takes to win and he can actually transmit that to his teammates. He is hitting free agency this offseason and the Clippers could be the perfect destination for him.