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Kendrick Perkins Says The Los Angeles Clippers Are In Desperate Need Of A Point Guard

(via TalkBasket)

(via TalkBasket)

The Los Angeles Clippers have recently lost 3 games in a row, and are now the 4th seed in the Western Conference. For a team that was supposed to be competition to the Los Angeles Lakers, that is not a position that they want to be in. Part of the Clippers' struggles this season and in recent memory has been the lack of a true point guard. Someone who can set keep the offense going, and get their teammates easy shots.

Kendrick Perkins has recently voiced that sentiment and stated that the Los Angeles Clippers need a point guard after their loss against the Washington Wizards.

A solid point guard can do wonders for a team. On the Los Angeles Clippers, the point guard would take the burden of creating shots for the non-superstars on the team. While Patrick Beverley is a solid 3 and D guard, he isn't an elite playmaker who can manipulate a defense with his passing. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are solid playmakers, but their role on a team is mostly for scoring. The Los Angeles Clippers need to find a way to lessen the playmaking load of their superstars.

Patrick Beverley currently averages 2.1 APG: you need more playmaking from your point guard. The Los Angeles Clippers need to address the lack of an elite facilitator on their roster, and perhaps make a splash on the trade market. The trade deadline is coming up soon, and perhaps the Clippers could make some changes to their roster which would complete their championship-caliber roster.