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Kendrick Perkins Says The Rockets Should Trade Both Russell Westbrook And James Harden

(via The Sports Rush)

(via The Sports Rush)

The Houston Rockets are on the verge of a massive meltdown right now. They've lost Daryl Morey, Mike D'Antoni, and are now trying to move Russell Westbrook after he demanded a trade. Moreover, their roster doesn't look built for Championship contention.

Don't get me wrong, they have plenty of solid 3-and-D players that could play a huge role on a Championship team like PJ Tucker, Danuel House, and Robert Covington, but they don't have a big man, and losing Westbrook isn't going to help their chances to win a ring.

That's why Kendrick Perkins believes that James Harden should also demand a trade, as no one's going to give equal value for Russell Westbrook and he's not going to be able to win a ring on his own:

"It's time to blow the whole damn thing up. Listen, Russell Westbrook is already gone, ok? He's not coming back. Once he requested a trade - I know Russell Westbrook, he's done. And if you're James Harden you cannot stay there and wait to see what you're gonna get back in return because it's not gonna be somewhat who's gonna put you into title contention or someone who's gonna equal value for Russell Westbrook (...) so it's time to blow the whole thing up," Perk said.

"Both of these guys are at a point in their careers where they've accomplished everything individually. All the accolades, they got the MVPs, the Scoring Titles, the only thing left for these guys to do is win the title, and trading Russell Westbrook, you're not going to get back anything," Perkins concluded.

While it may seem like a bit of an overreaction because James Harden has already led the Rockets to the playoffs without Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook, Perkins may have a valid point right there.

Obviously, trading for James Harden will be quite tricky and difficult for most teams in the league but whenever you have the chance to land that kind of talent in his prime, you must pull the trigger.

As for Westbrook, it seems like no contending team is truly interested in his services right now, and people are wondering whether he'll ever be able to win a ring.