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Kendrick Perkins Selects 5 Most Terrifying Players In The NBA Right Now

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When they say that the NBA is where amazing happens, that's not just a motto. That's a reality as big as a house, as it features nothing but the greatest athletes and most talented basketball players from all around the world.

Standing out from the rest of the pack is not an easy task to accomplish, let alone when you're going toe-to-toe against the best to do it.

That's why there are so many players that are often getting snubbed from All-Star and All-NBA teams, as even though they're also great, there's just no room for that many players.

You could put together dozens of combinations of lineups that could win a FIBA World Championship if you were to pick NBA players only. Then again, some players could easily be featured in nearly every single combination you could think of.

Recently, former NBA champion turned analyst Kendrick Perkins put together his list of the five most unstoppable players in the league right now, and even though he's widely known for his hot takes, this time he was right on point.

At the fifth spot, Perk chose Philadelphia 76ers' star Joel Embiid, who was an MVP candidate before suffering an injury.

Then, Perkins gave the nod to the frontrunner to win the award: Denver Nuggets' big man Nikola Jokic, the greatest passing big man to ever make the league.

At three, Perkins chose one of his former teammates: Russell Westbrook, who's on pace to average a triple-double for the fourth time in his career and lead the Washington Wizards to the play-in tournament.

Later, Perkins talked about Stephen Curry and the way he's been playing for the Golden State Warriors and how he's willing them into playoff contention.

Last, but not least, Perkins lauded another former teammate of his: Kevin Durant. Durant hasn't missed a beat despite spending a lot of time on the shelf with injuries, and it's clear that he doesn't need many touches or reps to keep on being the best pure scorer in the world.

This season has been as unpredictable as it's been exciting, so we can't wait to see what the playoffs hold.