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Kendrick Perkins Started A War With The Los Angeles Clippers On Twitter

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Kendrick Perkins keeps doing bold comments and this time he took some shots at Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers. Williams has been under the storm in recent days after he was spotted at a strip club in Atlanta; he was attending the funeral of his grandfather but Lou Will took a different path and ended up at Magic City Strip Club.

He claims he was there to pick up some food but pictures showed something different. Now Williams is spending 10 days in quarantine and will miss the first two games of the Clippers at the bubble, including the season opener against the Lakers on Thursday.

Lou's behavior has been highly criticized and Perkins also gave his two pennies on this situation. He compared Zion Williamson to Williams, stating that the New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation acted better than the veteran.

These comments didn't sit well with Williams, who replied to Perkins.

This started an exchange between the pair and even Montrezl Harrell got himself involved in the situation.

Harrell told Perkins he needs to know all the facts before making any comments on any situation. Perks wasn't having any of that and wasn't backing down. Perk started a war with the Clippers after these comments. He's been famous for making bold claims about anything in the league and some stars know he's gained some fame in recent months.

This time, though, Williams and Harrell were having none of it.