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Kendrick Perkins: "Steph Curry Wasn’t Doing The Things That Trae Young Is Doing In Year 2"

Stephen Curry and Trae Young

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Kendrick Perkins has made a bold comparison between Trae Young and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. After having a great rookie season, Young picked up things right where he left them and his second campaign in the league is going just fine.

The last display of his quality arrived on Wednesday, when Young battled with James Harden and the Houston Rockets, recording a 40-point triple-double. A lot of people were in awe for his game, including Perkins, who didn’t hesitate to show his admiration for the young player.

The former Boston Celtics center has been known for his hot takes, but the one he said on Wednesday will go down as one of the most audacious.

After that game ended, Perkins made an interesting take on Young and what he is doing compared to Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and his year 2 in the league.

“I’m going to say this 1 more time Steph Curry wasn’t doing the things that Trae Young is doing in Year 2!!! In the words of my boy,” KP wrote on Twitter.

Although some might say the fact that Curry has played only four games this season plays a role in this, if we check stats, Kendrick has a valid point.

Truth to be told, back then Curry was already a terrific shooter, shooting 44.2 percent in his second season, but Young is already improving what he did back in the day.

Comparing the two players’ second seasons, there is no doubt that Young is indeed posting bigger numbers with the Hawks than Curry was in his sophomore season with the Warriors.

Of course, Curry’s role in the Warriors wasn’t that important at that time, but numbers don’t lie. In particular, Young has a usage rate that’s 10 percentage points higher (34.5 vs. 24.4) than Curry’s in his second season. Further, Trae is actually better in scoring (28.9 PPG vs. 18.6 PPG) and passing (8.4 APG vs. 5.8 APG).

It looks like Trae is already a superstar in the league, contrary to what Curry was in his second year in the association.