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Kendrick Perkins Suggests The Nets Should Give Up Kyrie Irving In James Harden Trade

(via The SportsRush)

(via The SportsRush)

James Harden has become the center of the basketball world amid reports that he wants out of Houston. We don't yet know if the Rockets plan on honoring Harden's request, but there is one team that seems to be making a hard push for the former NBA MVP: the Brooklyn Nets.

With Harden seemingly on board, and the Nets having many assets with which to make an offer, it's looking increasingly likely that the Nets somehow pull this off, even if the price sits extremely high.

Many are suggesting offers that include Caris LeVert or Spencer Dinwiddie but, according to ESPN basketball analyst Kendrick Perkins, the Nets should make it happen by including one of their core star players in the package...

One can imagine a package of Kyrie Irving, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarrett Allen, and picks going over quite well for the Rockets, who obviously don't want to lose Harden unless it's for a monster offer. The deal would allow H-Town to remain competitive and, assuming they trade Westbrook, set them up for success down the road.

The problem is, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving came to the Nets together last summer, and it's believed they share a very close bond.

So while a team of James Harden and Kevin Durant would be amazing, it might not sit well with everyone -- especially those who feel they're better off without him.