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Kendrick Perkins Takes A Massive Shot At Kyrie Irving On ESPN And Then Insults Him On Twitter

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Kendrick Perkins has been one of the first and loudest people to go against Kyrie Irving in, well, pretty much everything. Perk hasn't hesitated to call him out repeatedly for his constant antics, and he's taken it to a whole new level amid Irving's attempt to boycott the NBA return.

The former NBA player turned analyst had a lot to say during his appearance in ESPN's Get Up about Kyrie Irving's lack of leadership regarding this situation. He called him out, said he was confused and even had quite a bizarre metaphor about putting his brain in a bird:

“If you take Kyrie Irving’s brain and put it in a bird right now, guess what that bird is going to do? It’s going to fly backwards. Because Kyrie right now, he’s confused. He’s showing his lack of leadership. Here it is, Kyrie. You have been at these conference calls during the past two months. You’re the Vice President of the players’ association. You have been very involved in all of this that has taken place for us, whether or not we’re gonna play or not. You’ve been on the phone and you have voted to play," Perkins said.

Kyrie apparently proposed several players creating an independent league from the NBA, which wouldn't make any sense at all considering his argument to boycott the season is that it wouldn't be safe for the players and that it'll also be a distraction. Thus, Perkins called Irving out for his lack of a plan:

“In my opinion, when you look at Kyrie, I’m okay with you changing your mind and having a different way of thinking and saying we need to take a stance and sit out, but what is the plan after that? He didn’t have one,” Perkins concluded.

Notably, Perkins has become infamous in social media because of his biased hot takes and he's openly admitted to disliking Kyrie, so his words should be looked at from that perspective.

And if that wasn't enough, Perk took it to his Twitter account to continue his crusade vs. Uncle Drew, claiming he 'took it lightly on him' because he could've exposed the 'h*e sh*t' he was doing behind the table. He didn't take long to delete the tweet but it was already out in the open:

Even if Perk may have a valid point this time he was way out of line. He should be above that. He's a professional and has to live by certain standards given the platform he's been given. He took it too far this time.