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Kendrick Perkins: "The Clippers Were The Most Arrogant Team In The NBA And They Had Only One Champion Far As A Player That Was Kawhi Leonard."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Los Angeles Clippers have been the subject of jokes and a lot of criticism for their participation in the NBA bubble and the way they were eliminated by the Denver Nuggets, blowing a 3-1 lead in the second round of the 2020 NBA postseason. Well, the criticism hasn't stopped even though that happened months ago.

Recently, Danny Green called them out for being 'cocky,' explaining that 'basketball gods' will take care of you if you don't do the right things and start acting like you've won something.

The Clippers players were involved in controversies during the bubble, including Paul George, Montrezl Harrell, Patrick Beverley, and Marcus Morris Sr. They were all involved in bad situations, thanks to themselves and it's fair to say a lot of people were rooting against them for that reason.

“I think the basketball Gods will humble you if you don’t play the game the right way or do the right thing. . . You shouldn’t be as cocky or because a lot of times it’s going to go the opposite way," Danny Green said.

Well, Kendrick Perkins put weight on that situation, agreeing with Green and adding more things to attack the Clippers and their behavior in the bubble. The former NBA player-turned-analyst went to attack the Clippers, too, calling them the 'most arrogant team in the NBA.' (4:02 minute)

“The Clippers were the most arrogant team in the NBA and they had only one champion far as a player that was Kawhi Leonard. Everyone else was cocky talking noise like they won championships and they did get humble.

“You have to respect the game of basketball and your opponent or the basketball gods, like Danny Green, a three-time champion just said, will humble you and that’s what happened to the Clippers.”

Well, the Clippers learned to be humble the hard way and it'll be hard to see them acting like they did last season. They need to prove they can win before running their mouth at their opponents.