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Kendrick Perkins Trade Jabs With Ja Morant And Desmond Bane On Twitter: "I Can Lip Box All Day Homie."

Kendrick Perkins Trade Jabs With Ja Morant And Desmond Bane On Twitter: "I Can Lip Box All Day Homie."

Kendrick Perkins isn't shy to voice his opinions on live TV or social media. The former NBA champion doesn't care about who gets offended by his words, he'll always speak his mind and nothing else. 

More often than not, this has created problems for Perk, who has been roasted by fans for some of his bad takes. This has happened before and will continue to happen given the nature of his personality. He's used to dealing with fans, but recently, two players attacked him after making a comparison. 

On Thursday night, Perkins compared Duke prospect Trevor Keels to Memphis Grizzlies forward Desmond Bane. This suggestion didn't sit well with Bane, who couldn't believe what Perkins tweeted. He had to make sure Perk meant what he said and that started an entertaining back and forth. 

"Me n Trevor Keels got similar game?" Bane started. 

Perkins doubled-down on those comments, asking Bane if he watched himself play recently. 

"Yeah have you watched yourself lately?! Stay humble youngin," Perkins replied. 

Perk kept telling Bane that he's not at the best level right now, and things got a little personal between the retired center and the forward. 

The exchange was so intense that even Ja Morant had to chime in, comparing Perkins to black Santa Claus and asking him what he delivers. 

Big Perk didn't back down and replied to Morant, too, telling the young point guard that he could 'lip box' all day against anybody. Ja, however, made it clear he's not like that, finishing his interaction with the former player-turned-analyst. 

"You know it’s whatever with me young fella. I can lip box all day homie," Perkins wrote.

"dats difference.. we don't lip box all day 🤐 dis da last tweet," Morant stated. 

Perkins has gone at it with several people before, including Kevin Durant and Skip Bayless. This doesn't seem to be the end of his intense interactions on social media, as current players like to use social media to express their opinions and fire back at those that criticize them. Perk isn't different and he'll be ready to clap back to whoever.