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Kendrick Perkins Urges Kevin Durant To "Go Home" In Free Agency

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

On all accounts, Kevin Durant is playing through his last games with the Warriors. As he ends his current arrangement with the team, he will seek new opportunities.

For Kendrick Perkins, a former teammate of Durant, there is no greater place for him to return than to Washington, where the 10x All-Star grew up.

(via Warriors Wire)

"I think KD might be gone. He served his time, did the right thing in Golden State … I think it’s time for him to go off and do his own thing. Ya know, he’s won his rings … go build his legacy somewhere else, where he actually could say, “It’s Kevin Durant’s team.”

Even though Kevin steps up in the big moments [for the Golden State Warriors] … it’s still gonna always be Steph’s team. So I think KD needs to go to where it’s actually KD’s team."

He revealed his wishes for Durant to return to his hometown.

“That’s one of my great friends — he’s like a little brother,” Perkins said. “And I always tell him: I wish he’d go back home, to be honest. I wish he’d go back to Washington. I think that would be great for him.”

The Wizards just ended another tough season, posting a record of 32-50. John Wall tore his Achilles following a fall in his home, and Bradley Beal seems to want out.

KD could turn things around drastically for them. But it would obviously take a lot of convincing.