Kendrick Perkins Was Coming For Stephen A. And Max's Necks: "Y'all Are Haters! Michael Jordan And LeBron James Are Sitting At The Same Dinner Table ... There's No Gap!"

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(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

When it comes to LeBron James and the Lakers, there aren't many supporters out there louder than former league big man Kendrick Perkins.

So when the Purple and Gold became the winners of the Western Conference Finals on Saturday, it was no surprise to hear him chirping on the air. On ESPN's First Take on Monday, he began by laying into Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith for being "haters."

"Old people are stuck in their ways and you cannot change their mind. That's what you and Max are today, you're stuck in your ways and y'all some haters. Because if I go argue with my grandfather and some of his friends when they used to talk, it used to be Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell. Jordan was never in the conversation.

So move down 1o years later, now I'm talking to you Stephen A. and Max. Now all of a sudden, it's Jordan. So y'all will never give the proper props to the younger generation because y'all are haters. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are sitting at the same dinner table ... there's no gap!"

Perk goes on for a while, detailing LeBron's 3-1 comeback in 2016, his domination of both the East and West, and the amazing longevity with which has sustained over the course of his 20-year career.

If the Lakers somehow lose these Finals, it will be a pretty devastating night for Perk.

But some of the points he made certainly hold up. Every generation wants to hold onto their own GOAT and before it was Mike, everyone was reluctant to let go of guys like Magic, Kareem, and Wilt.

In 10 years, will the same be said about Jordan? Is he just the hero that we never want to let go?

Only time will tell, but winning the 2020 title will certainly bode well in Bron's favor.