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Kenny Smith On Stephen Curry: 'He's The Michael Jordan Of This Era Without Dunking A Basketball’



Stephen Curry is one of the best current NBA players and one of the most dominant in league history. The Golden State Warriors superstar has changed the game of basketball with his 3-point shooting, becoming one of the most influential players ever. 

Curry's dominance is incredible; he shows his skills year after year, earning a lot of praise for his shooting talents and how great he is from beyond the arc. He has gotten a lot of compliments during his career, but maybe Kenny Smith gave him the best of all. 

Back in the day, the former Houston Rockets player compared Curry to none other than the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan. In an edition of TNT's Inside the NBA, 'The Jet' claimed that the only difference between MJ and Curry was that they dominated using different methods. Other than that, they are the same player. 

"He's awesome. He's too deep. He's the Michael Jordan of this era without dunking a basketball. He shoots 3s, Michael Jordan dunks. It's the only difference."

As stated before, Steph changed the game of basketball alongside Klay Thompson. He's one of the most influential players of all time, and that won't ever change. He's considered the greatest shooter ever, just like MJ is considered the greatest player of all time.

These two have a lot in common in terms of dominance, although their methods are very different. Saving the distances, Smith really nailed this comparison. 

Curry is always pushing himself to reach the next level, and even when his team wasn't in the best moment, he kept them alive last season, just like His Airness did in his first years with the Chicago Bulls.