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Kenny Smith Believes The Bucks Can Come Back: "The Portland Trail Blazers Did This. They Faced Elimination Like The Last 5 Games Of The Bubble. They Won Every Game. You Can Win Here."



The Milwaukee Bucks are down 3-1 to the Miami Heat. Without Giannis, who suffered an ankle injury, many are doubting that the Bucks have what it takes to fight this uphill battle.

But, on NBA's TNT Overtime, Kenny "The Jet" Smith said he believes Milwaukee can come back, despite all the obstacles. Shaq, of course, noted one big difference.

"The Portland Trail Blazers did this. They faced elimination like the last 5 games of the bubble, and they won every game. You can win here. There's no hostile environment."

Shaq: "But they don't have a Dame Lillard."

Miami has dominated almost every aspect of this series. Their offense has been nearly unstoppable, with multiple shooters getting hot from outside and Jimmy Butler consistently making clutch buckets in the fourth. Meanwhile, their defense has been stellar as well and their "wall" strategy has worked wonders in bothering Giannis.

For the Bucks to complete their comeback, they will need to make some major adjustments, starting with Giannis. Coach Budenholzer has got to find a way to respond to Miami's defensive schemes on the Freak.

As for Kenny's claim, we saw the way Portland was able to play with their backs against the wall. And though they lost to the Lakers in the end, their impressive string of must-win victories deserves proves that it's possible to win more than four games with your back against the ball.

It no doubt gives them hope that they can pull out some wins here as well. Game 4 just gave them their first, but can they keep it going?