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Kevin Arnovitz On How Frank Vogel Changed The Lakers Culture: “When You Walk Into The Lakers' Locker Room, It’s The Happiest Place In The World."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are having a terrific season after a very moved offseason. The Purple and Gold currently have the best record in the West, looking like the biggest candidate to represent the conference in the NBA Finals.

This is a major improvement considering how bad they fared last season, with some considering they underperformed. Now, things are very different for the Californians and their aspirations to lift the Larry O’Brien next June. A big part of that upgrade is thanks to Frank Vogel, a head coach that wasn’t seen with good eyes when the team signed him.

However, according to NBA writer Kevin Arnovitz, Vogel has made a big impact on the Lakers, changing the culture of the team. Talking with Zach Lowe on his ‘The Lowe Post’ podcast, Arnovitz said:

“When you walk into the Lakers’ locker room, it’s the happiest place in the world. There’s an air of absolute professionalism, the stars are pleased, ownership are pleased...It hasn’t felt like this in years.”

He even explained how Vogel changed the mindset of the squad.

“I haven’t seen a Lebron team put this defensive intensity since... maybe his second year in the Cavs [first stint]”

This is not a thing that only Arnovitz says, as even his players have praised Vogel for his coaching and how his style affects the system. About that, Anthony Davis said:

“He got on all of us — me, LeBron, everyone. A lot of coaches don’t get on their superstars, but he does,” Davis says. “What’s impressed me the most is that even when we win, he holds us accountable. When a team sees a coach getting on LeBron or me, the other guys respect him more and know they’ll be held accountable too.”

Vogel is doing a terrific job with the Lakers this campaign and their record and the chemistry they have on the floor is the best example of that. The Lakers have a good bid to claim the NBA title this year, and this guy and his coaching have played a major role in this situation.