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Kevin Durant Aggressively Responds After Warriors Nearly Blow Big Half-Time Lead


Despite being marred by injuries, and guys still warming up to NBA action, Golden State has won seven of their last 10 games and is currently sitting in the No. 2 spot in the Western Conference with a 20-10 record. They are far from perfect but calling them a mediocre team is way past being a stretch.

Though, for Kevin Durant, he expects better from the back-to-back defending Champs.

“We can’t have lows like that, especially when we are playing a solid game in the first half." Durant said, via Sporting News. We can’t have lows like that because in the playoffs if we do, we are going to lose. We weren’t disciplined. We were shooting shots just to shoot them, throwing passes just to pass them — no sense of urgency, no purpose… Against a young team like that on the road, they are looking for something to let them back in the game, and we just let them back in.”

This quote comes after a recent Warriors' win that saw their competitors (the Sacramento Kings) come back from a huge deficit, to cut the lead to just 5 in the fourth quarter.

Yeah, while the Dubs are still head and shoulders above everyone else, they do seem especially vulnerable this season. Between the injuries, locker-room drama, and overall inconsistent play, there is some reason for concern for the Dubs.

If they want to make history this upcoming June, they'll have to find a way to fill these gaps soon or risk letting it ruin their season.