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Kevin Durant And CJ McCollum Get Into Beef On Twitter


The relationship between Kevin Durant and CJ McCollum has taken a turn for the worst after a back and fourth Twitter beef that’s occurred just less than a month after Durant was a guest on CJ’s very own podcast.

Things have really heated up between the two when both McCollum and Durant started to trash talk each other through tweets about KD’s move to the Warriors.

McCollum’s gang analogy about Durant leaving the Thunder for the Warriors clearly didn’t go down too well with Durant as he went on to call McCollum a ‘Snake in the Grass’.

Kevin Durant was recently invited as a guest on McCollum’s podcast, Pull Up, where he dismissed any chances that Portland had of winning a championship. Although it may be viewed as just banter, things were a little tense with McCollum completely disagreeing with Durant’s comments.

Durant: "I mean ... you know you guys aren't going to win a championship?"

McCollum: "Bro, we have the team. We have the capabilities. Anything is possible. We can win a championship, bro."

McCollum’s teammate Damian Lillard showed that he too disagrees with Kevin Durant’s statement about Portland’s chances through this reply on Instagram.

Portland had a very strong 2017-18 regular season, finishing third in the Western Conference behind both the Rockets and the Warriors. After a disappointing playoffs series -- being swept by the New Orleans Pelicans -- McCollum and the Trailblazers will be looking to prove everyone wrong and push for a spot in next season’s Western Conference Final.