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Kevin Durant And Glen Davis Get Into Argument Over Kyrie Irving Logo Incident

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Kyrie Irving drew the ire of many Boston Celtics fans when he stomped on the Celtics logo at TD Garden after his 39 point performance. Kyrie Irving was already hated by some due to the details of his tenure in Boston, and it seems like this incident has done nothing to endear him to the Boston faithful.

Some former players such as Kevin Garnett have notably called out Kyrie Irving, and have given their perspective on how his actions were disrespectful. Glen Davis was also one of those players and suggested that by stepping on the logo, Kyrie Irving has also stepped on anyone who has ever played for the franchise. Kevin Durant responded to Davis, and it seems as though he views Davis' point as ridiculous.

What drew more attention from the media after the game was the fact that a Boston Celtics fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving as Irving was headed to the locker room. It is clear that this act is unacceptable, and what Irving did doesn't excuse the actions of the fan. The former Celtics players taking a stand is somewhat understandable, as they once played and fought for the team. However, the way that Kyrie Irving has been portrayed hasn't been the best, and it is good to see Kevin Durant stand up for his teammate.