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Kevin Durant And James Harden Disagree And Argue After Evan Fournier Made A Game-Tying 3

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The Brooklyn Nets escaped with the win against the New York Knicks on Tuesday night. A new battle of New York saw these two squads going at it, leaving everything on the court to get an important win. 

The Knickerbockers gave the Nets a run for their money, and they almost forced overtime, but their crosstown rivals held the lead, ruining their plans. They were really close to doing so, however, after Evan Fournier made a clutch 3-pointer to tie the game. This situation sparked some heat between Kevin Durant and James Harden, who had a curious interaction on the bench. 

After the Frenchman drilled the 3, the two superstars went to the bench and had a little exchange, seemingly arguing and voicing their frustrations with the development of the game. 

At some point, Harden threw a towel to the floor which demonstrated that he wasn't happy with the things happening on the court. 

The Beard has been criticized for his performances this season. He explained he's still adjusting to his new role without Kyrie Irving, which has earned him some criticism. Even though he reached another milestone during the duel vs. Knicks, Harden wasn't pleased with how things were going late in the match. 

Durant wasn't happy, either, and they let each other know their points of view. Perhaps this was just two teammates frustrated for failing on getting stops, but it was curious to see them going at it. 

We all know KD isn't shy to bark at his teammates, and Harden won't hesitate to let people know how he really feels. Hopefully, this was nothing and the duo only talked about what they could do to be better on D. 

The Nets got the 112-110 win over the Knicks, still ranking 1st in the Eastern Conference with a 15-6 record. The Knicks, who recently made headlines for taking Kemba Walker out of the rotation, boast an 11-10 record.