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Kevin Durant Argues With Fans On Twitter After Saying The Knicks Are "Not The Cool Place To Be"

(via Twitter/Kevin Durant)

(via Twitter/Kevin Durant)

As he nurses his Achilles back to health, Kevin Durant seems to be making himself busy on Twitter. After making a comment that "the cool thing now is not the Knicks," several loyal New Yorkers took some time to express their displeasure with Durant and his opinion of their team.

Naturally, Durant had to answer back.

Durant doesn't actually debate on any basketball topics, it was more of an exchange of blows. While it may seem odd at first for a millionaire pro-baller to spend his time arguing with kids on Twitter, this type of thing has become the norm for players, and especially for Durant in particular.

Basically anyone who questions KD's motives, actions, or words, is subject to a response by the superstar. In his defense, if they're willing to talk, they should be willing and ready for a reply.

But is it all really necessary?

Durant has had an exceptional career, comprised of an MVP, 2 Championships, and 10 All-Star appearances. He has almost nothing left to prove on the court. And yet, he seemingly feels it necessary to trash talk young fans on social media.

In regards to this incident, in particular, he opened the floodgates of scrutiny himself when he called out the Knicks franchise in front of everyone. What did he expect?