"Kevin Durant Battles Against Twitter Fans Like Omar From The Wire," Says NBA Fan

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omar kd

If you're familiar with the NBA world, you know Kevin Durant's relationship with Twitter is one of the most entertaining things to watch. The Brooklyn Nets superstar doesn't hesitate to call out people on social media whenever he feels attacked, which is not new. 

Years ago, he was caught using burners, and even though he admitted he still does it, KD has used his main profile to blast fans, analysts, and pretty much whoever tries to mess with him. Twitter personality Josiah Johnson gave the best description of KD, compared him to fictional character Omar Little. 

In case you don't know, Omar was a character from HBO's series 'The Wire.' Little scared people away whenever he walked, and nobody wanted to be around when he was out. His sole presence meant danger, and that's precisely what Durant has become for Twitter. 

This year he starred in controversies with Michael Rapaport, Shannon Sharpe, ESPN's Jackie MacMullan, and more. The 2x NBA champion is always ready to fire back to those who try to bring him down. 

People have learned that the hard way, but some are still ready to get that big fire from the Slim Reaper. Just like Omar, he only attacks those involved in the game, so don't mess with Durantula and you'll be perfectly fine.