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Kevin Durant Calls Out Disrespectful Fans: "It's All Fun And Games Until Ya A** Banned For Life."

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With fans coming back into the stands, the atmosphere around basketball seems pretty close to normal. The playoffs have been exciting, with a lot of competitive basketball.

Fans coming back into the building is positive on many fronts: revenue and setting for example. However, there are a few fans that ruin the experience for everyone. There are sometimes fans who do disrespectful things to athletes, such as throw things at them or insult them using racial slurs.

There were fan incidents during the recent matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks, as well as the contest between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Wizards. There was a fan who spit on Trae Young in the first game, and a fan who threw popcorn on Russell Westbrook. There is no room for disrespectful behavior in basketball, and both fans have faced a ban from their arenas. Kevin Durant took a shot at those fans, and seem to indicate that everything is "fun and games" until you are permanently removed.

Kevin Durant's commentary on the situation is correct. It is strange that only when fans are removed from the arena that they realize the consequences. Hopefully, these types of incidents are avoided in the future.