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Kevin Durant Caught Arguing With Fan On Twitter, Deletes Tweets Afterwards


Well, it seems Golden State Warriors All-Star Kevin Durant has landed himself in some more hot water regarding his Twitter activity.

After getting into it with Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum online after CJ commented on Durant's move to Golden State, likening it to a move a gangster would make, KD stayed online to have some heated discussions with fans over Twitter, trying to defend himself.


The two-time Finals MVP doesn't seem to be able to grasp to the analogy McCollum was trying to make, comparing Durant's move to the Warriors to a gang member leaving his own gang for a rival gang, and then beating up his old gang members.

@AmeenTheBean_ tries his best to put the analogy back into basketball terms so Durant can catch on, but Kevin wants nothing to do with it, just claiming the fan "doesn't hoop" and should relax.

Durant later deleted all of his tweets in the conversation with the fan, maybe showing KD regrets getting into it with him in the first place.