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Kevin Durant Caught Liking Tweet Dissing Stephen Curry: 'This MF***** Curry Needed Another MVP And 3 All-Stars To Get The Job Done'

Credit: AFP

Credit: AFP

Kevin Durant keeps making headlines for his actions on social media and this time, he was caught liking a tweet that threw shade at his former teammate Stephen Curry. A lot has been said on the relationship between Durant and his former Warriors teammates, especially with Curry.

That’s why, when someone threw the 2x NBA MVP under the bus and Durant liked the tweet, things quickly went out of control.

“Kevin Durant was better than Steph curry both those years. Everybody knows it bro. don’t try and kid urself. This mf curry needed another MVP and 3 all stars to get the job done. Trash a**,” somebody wrote on Twitter.

It was this same person who noticed that Durant actually liked the tweet and they didn’t hesitate to share it with the world. He even shared a video to prove that it wasn’t tricked or anything and just as he said, KD put that heart on the tweet.

NBA fans reacted to this, of course, some defending Durant but most of them attacked the Brooklyn Nets star, calling him a ‘snake’ and an ungrateful player.

In the end, KD removed the like but he can’t remove this memory from fans’ minds.

He needed to be smarter than this and even if he didn’t mean to do it, it’s strange that he was lurking in a tweet but that’s who he is. Durant has earned a lot of love and respect for his activity on Twitter and that won’t change.

Recently, he was giving therapy to a Lakers fan who was catfished in the viral ‘Vivan Flores’ case, so you know this guy is one of us and he will spend a lot of time on the bird social media.