Kevin Durant Charges Against Shannon Sharpe Again: "But I'm Sensitive"

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Kevin Durant Charges Against Shannon Sharpe Again: "But I'm Sensitive"

Kevin Durant once again went after former NFL player-turned-analyst Shannon Sharpe, who recently attacked the Brooklyn Nets player, using a fake quote to bring down the 2x NBA champion for joining the Golden State Warriors to beat LeBron James.

After Shannon addressed Durant's comments on his focus on developing rather than winning championships, things went out of control. KD went off on Sharpe, calling him "drunk uncle" for spreading lies, but that wasn't the end of the story.

Durant apparently woke up feeling dangerous and chose violence, stating that the analyst used a fake quote against him and tried to convince fans that he actually said that.

Moreover, he shared a pícture of Shannon's Twitter profile, who blocked KD. The player had the perfect description to it, ironically saying that he's the one labeled as 'sensitive' all the time.

Sharpe is known as one the biggest LeBron James defenders and he was trying to make the point for the King on Monday. Durant wasn't having any of that and you know when that guy logs into Twitter, it's about to be bad.

Well, KD confirmed that and Sharpe apparently didn't like the criticism, blocking the Nets superstar on social media. Big yikes.