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Kevin Durant Claims 2016 Cavaliers Were The Most Talented Team In The NBA



Kevin Durant has made a bold claim about the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers that defeated the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals after going down 3-1. He was asked by HOT 97 in New York to list some of the worst losses of his career.

He talked about that 3-1 advantage the Oklahoma City Thunder lost against the Golden State Warriors. That loss was extremely painful for the Thunder, who looked ready to go to the Finals and get their revenge on LeBron James. In the end, the Dubs got up and eliminated OKC in a dramatic fashion, with Stephen Curry shooting one of the most dramatic shots of all time.

Moreover, KD didn’t miss the chance to claim the Cleveland Cavaliers, who also overcame a 3-1 deficit in front of those Warriors, were the best team in the league that year.

“It doesn’t rank in the top five. I mean, we lost Game 2 at home in 2012 to Miami — that was a tough loss,” Durant said during his interview with Hot 97. “We lost Game 5 against Memphis at home. It was a 2-2 series, and they went up 3-2. Those are tough losses to me.

“I really, really, really felt like we had an opportunity, we had some momentum,” Durant added. “We were playing against a 73-win team in the Warriors and the Spurs, who were a 67-win team that year. And then the Cavs were the best team in the league — the most talented team. So I’m like, ‘Wow, an uphill climb. Let’s see what we can do.’”

That season was magical for Cleveland, but after that, the Warriors took revenge for that loss, winning the next two championships with Durant as part of the team. Now, while the Warriors are ready to prove they aren’t done in the league, KD is ready to do good things with the Brooklyn Nets once he comes back from an torn Achilles.